Replica Zenith Vintage Gentleman Night

January 23, 018 - As an advocate of vintage gentleman culture, replica watches Swiss watchmaker ZENITH brought the most anticipated annual retro gentleman's night in Beijing. The gentleman's lady traveled through the modern and old nights, and the retro flight became the most dazzling theme of the night. As the world's first and only watch brand inscribed on the dial "Pilot", Zenith witnessed and participated in the development of human aviation flight history for nearly a hundred years, and is loved by many flight timepiece enthusiasts. On the evening, Julien Tornare, the global president of Zenith, and Mr. Ding Junhui, the brand ambassador, came to the scene to unveil the 2018 new pilot series TIPO CP-2 flyback chronograph to pay tribute to the fearless and proud flight spirit.

The retro feeling of Zenith is one of the distinctive features of the brand. It is a classic fusion of passionate personality and fashion that has been polished through time. And this year's retro gentleman's night, the retro style and the flying elements collided with the most beautiful sparks.

2018 Zenith retro gentleman night, indiscriminately airborne Beijing 751 giant iron cans, rich industrial wind and retro flight actually have a special understanding. The guests were in the midst of roaring engine sounds, as if they had boarded the luxury passenger plane that shuttled back to the 60s, and they shuttled between time. The scene perfectly combines the different gentlemen's life elements that are loved by Zenith, from the authentic timepieces of the whole game, the retro planes hovering in the air, the domineering Land Rover Range Rover, the strong Havana cigar tobacco aroma,Hennessy's special wine, Trophy's gentleman, elegant gentleman waving snooker club, to lazy jazz swing, every corner and detail are irresistibly immersed in it, feel the one The freedom and pride of the age.