Replica Zenith high frequency timing three primary colors

Zenith is the most talked about. replica omega The legendary chronograph movement El Primero in 1969 has set a milestone of 36,000vph high frequency and has become synonymous with ZENITH. If you want to receive a ZENITH, then you will lose absolutely. It is the El Primero series, because the El Primero movement is not only used by the brand, but also has been supplied to various brands including ROLEX. The parts used in the interior are more than most models. Even more high-profile CP, including durable column wheel, high-performance two-way automatic winding system, and eccentric screw trimming device, all of which make this movement accurate and durable, especially hourly The record of up to 36,000vph has deepened into the most fundamental brand DNA of ZENITH, so this classic high-vibration movement has become the best partner with racing cars and antique rally cars. This brand is no exception to antique cars. The tribute to the three-ring chronograph dial that is exactly the same as the 1969 legendary movement is really amazing. After all, this rare light gray, carbon black and blue color scheme is the classic time of 1969. The color of the code table.

If you know a little about the chronograph movement, you will immediately notice that the ZENITH's El Primero 36'000 VpH Classic Car is exactly the same as the 1969 El Primero's original legendary chronograph. The carbon gray small seconds in the clock position, the black 12-hour dial in the 6 o'clock position, and the blue 30-minute dial in the 3 o'clock position, the pictures superimposed in an overlapping posture are simply remembered, but the only one and the first generation The slight difference is the difference in the way of superposition. The black dial with the six o'clock position in the first generation is the most conspicuous dial, while the new one is based on the carbon grey and blue dials, while the black 12-hour dial. Placed in the last position, although there are some differences, but this classic three-eye dial color can be used as a big selling point of this new model, quite collectible value!

The Geneva corrugation is generally treated as a decorative surface on the surface of the movement. This time ZENITH used it as a decorative treatment on the surface of the dial. In fact, this can be understood in terms of appearance and brand DNA. Because the legendary chronograph movement El Primero is synonymous with ZENITH, the use of the original embossing on the movement as the surface of the faceplate once again highlights the existence of the legendary movement, used to remind the watch fans The brand DNA contained in the product; secondly, it adds a lot to the appearance, which is just a layered separation from the three-eye three-color dial placed in the lower half of the dial, which also makes the watch visually increase. A lot of details of the design, it is worth repeating, plus the three-dimensional time scale and the classic speed scale, as well as the color processing of the red fake watches chronograph needle, every detail of the watch is hidden in the back of the watch fans Timing spirit and racing factor.

Gentleman's case is made of 316L stainless steel. This material is skin-friendly, durable and corrosion-resistant. The mirror is made of anti-glare sapphire crystal glass, which has high hardness and clarity. As long as it is not intentionally bumped, it will not leave scratches. In terms of the strap, Paco has equipped the Gentleman original with a American alligator strap, which is soft in texture and even in gloss. On the back of the dial, a bottomless design is used, and the Paco mark is placed on the ground and the scales are polished in the inner ring.