Replica Seiko Presage Watch SSA343J1.

People say that time is the same as fine wine, the longer the time, the more mellow.replica hublot At this point, Japan's SEIKO knows this. In its Presage watch, they combine time and wine to create a cocktail-colored watch. So today we will introduce One of them is SSA343J1.

Among the many cocktail designs in the Seiko Navigator series, the most attention is the Wang Lihong advertising watch SSA343J1, which is equipped with a 4R57 movement, the mirror is made of mineral glass, and the case is made of stainless steel. With a diameter of 40.5 mm and a dial thickness of 14.4 mm, the strap is made of genuine leather for a more comfortable wearing experience.

The SSA343J1 features a blue dial inspired by the “parachute cocktail” for a unique color scheme. The clear radial embossing on the dial is polished by 7 layers of silk cotton, and under the mirror, it shines with a slight radiance. The watch hands are hand-crafted by experienced craftsmen and the case is slimmer. When you turn the unique crown, you can even feel the solid feel of the spring winding. With the exquisite scale design, the whole watch is stylish and stable. The back of the watch is equipped with a see-through spiral bottom cover, which allows you to get a close look at the inner "core" world of this watch.